Ensuring basic needs through positive deeds
A step toward beggar free INDIA
(A not for profit non government organisation, verified by NITI Aayog & NGO Darpan)

About the NGO

Helping Hut NGO was started with a vibrant vision to create a NO beggar environment around us and ensure every needy gets the right of living. Its mission is to provide employment opportunities to as many beggars as it can and make society beggar free.

Being started like a drop of help in the ocean of problems people face in their life, Helping Hut NGO aims to cater to all those in need. To feed the starving, to bring a small ray of happiness by doing small things actually do not need a million dollars and with little love, little care and a little change to our lifestyles, we as people can create an impact on someone's life.

Helping Hut NGO thus organises various activities which include online campaigns, ground work and enthusiastic competitions to bring out the best in you. Some of our online campaigns were on to save water, to plant more trees and the most impactful Utthan Abhiyan which was a step towards awareness of government policies to the needy one. Various competitions organised touched many aspects of our life through art and craft, poetry, creative writing and enhancing knowledge through quizzes. The topics selected were interesting as well as important in one's life such as 'Health and Unite India' , 'Mental Health and Corona as a Medical and Social Problem' and many more.

Ground work encourages our helping hut soldiers to bring a smile on a needy's face through their constant efforts. It also helps to spread awareness among the people. It included distribution drives of masks, education kits, clothes etc. It also included the noble work of spreading education among urban poor and rural children so that they can also get an opportunity to fly with their wings of education and soar to great heights.

Thus, Helping Hut NGO started with a single ray of help wishes to spread like sunshine and to bring people out of darkness of deprived knowledge and resources. We work to ensure every needy gets the right of living.

Our works


Every child should have the opportunity to recieve a quality education

Knowledge is power, it's the greatest gift you can give to someone. You can uplift someone by helping them with money,shelter or food, but everything you could give to someone is temporary and will not last long enough. But when you educate someone with the best of your lifetime you are actually giving away a piece of yourselves and leaving a long lasting impression on their life. Education is the greatest blessing one could receive. All worldly pleasures and amenities will fade away but the knowledge you impart on other people will always stay with them by shaping their life in a different manner. Keeping the same in mind the volunteers at Helping Hut NGO have contributed significantly to this knowledge sharing initiative- "UDAAN", the street school for underprivileged kids to help them get their fair share of education. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the blessing of education in their life. You can reach the greatest of heights in your career if you have good knowledge of your goals. This initiative has helped transform the lives of many children and helped them know the world around them better and make better choices for their future.



HELPING HUT helped a beggar from Dwarka ,who begged for years to survive , by providing him with a sewing machine so that he can live his life with full dignity. Likewise we also provide skills to other beggars to transform their life for a brighter future.



HELPING HUT cordially invites you to join our CHARITY CARNIVAL Sponsored by Silizium-Electronics society of Deen Dayal Upadhyay college University of Delhi with Ensemble_official & delhi university official as our Media Partner & Insightone as Application partner for the Event on December 25, 2021. This carnival is being organised as a way to _add_ fun into the process of helping people by raising funds through means of games and food stalls in the carnival.